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Magnetoelastic Materials beyond Born-Oppenheimer Approximation.
The project aims to show, that magnetoelastic effects are a general property of condensed matter and that the Born-Oppenheimer approximation is surpassed far more often than generally thought.
We will grow single crystals and measure them with neutrons, because it is unique technique and we love it. A significant part of the project is the development of a bespoke device, the Automatic Laue Sample Aligner. We will use our instrumentation skills and enjoy a lot of fun.

The project is accepted for funding and started in January 2021!

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Offered student projects

Investigating the properties of a candidate topological material

Topology in mathematics is connected to properties of geometric objects that are preserved under continuous deformations. Our system has such properties on the quantum mechanical level. You will grow the crystals and measure its properties in order to provide signatures of topological properties..

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Implementation of the micro gripper

You will work with the world’s smallest and most precise robot arm. Currently the robot can grap samples by vacuum pickup system, but you will test our brand new micro grippers. The samples you will create are essential for the research in our group.

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Chiral magnetic structures

Skyrmions are topological swirls of magnetic spins that behave like particles. They are nanometer-sized quasiparticles currently regarded as next-generation information carriers with potential applications in high-density, low-power, robust data storage and transfer devices. You will work on the crystal growth as well as investigate magnetic properties as a function of temperature, magnetic field and pressure.

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Project Info

MaMBA is 5-year project focused on Condensed matter physics.

I can guarantee well-paid positions in Prague in the independent team of young people. We will have an enthusiastic group and we will perform a plenty of exciting experiments.

  • Duration: 2021 - 2025
  • Place: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Employer: Charles University

About PI (=me)

Petr Čermák

I am Petr and I do science. I worked 5 years as an instrument responsible of inelastic spectrometer at neutron source in Garching, DE. I am looking for people to build our own group and establish magnetoelastic effects as an important property of solid-state physics. I applied for 5-years funding via Czech Junior Star GAČR grant (see project documentation) and the grant was accepted 🎉!

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Work packages

What will we do?

Neutron scattering

The crucial part of MaMBA. The team will perform neutron experiments to prove initial assumptions utilizing mainly European triple-axis and time-of-flight spectrometers.

Single crystal growth

High-quality single crystals will be grown at the MGML laboratory in Prague. Its variety of equipment can meet our crystal growth needs. First, crystals will be prepared from the melt, and later from the flux.

Instrument development

The team will create a unique instrument for sample alignment using the Laue x-ray diffractometer with a robotic arm. We will also code a computer vision algorithm for sorting oriented crystals.

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